Year 2


Welcome to Y2!

On this page we will record some of the exciting learning and investigating we do in Year 2, as the children continue to develop a wide breadth of skills and knowledge to take away with them when they leave us in the summer.

Our role in Y2 is to consolidate all the learning the children have been doing at Lydgate Infant School, as well as equip them for their next adventures as juniors. We strive to ensure children have a firm grasp of literacy and numeracy skills, as well as a love of learning. Through studying lots of different topics, our hope is that every child will discover what excites them and identify their own special skills and strengths.

We look forward to sharing our learning and exploring on this blog, and hope this will give you an insight into everything we get up to in Year 2.


SpringWatch Photograph Competition

Date: 09/06/2021

Our Y2 Winner Connie took this great Spring photograph in her busy garden, and look at the beautiful white blossom in our Y2 Grown-Up Winner Modrek's picture!

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Walk to School Week

Date: 12/05/2021

Can you walk, wheel, scoot, cycle or Park and Stride to school each day next week?  We'll be finding out about an Active Travel superpower here in school each day!

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Winter Photograph Competition

Date: 25/03/2021

Our Y2 Winner Ben's photograph shows a snowy field with the sun just peeping through the wintry trees, while our Y2 Grown-Up Winner Fatma's picture shows a chilly looking squirrel who looks very pleased…

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World Book Day!

Date: 05/03/2021

As you can see, Philippa and I had great fun making our World Book Day book nook (with a little bit of help from Miss Whitehead and Mrs Varley!).  We really enjoyed seeing yours too! I'm glad to see…

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Colour Treasure Hunt!

Date: 26/02/2021

Our green treasure hunt was great fun!  My favourite green thing in my picture is lazy caterpillar.  Maybe you could try a colour treasure hunt too, and send me a picture?  Let's see what you've all been…

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More Snow!

Date: 11/02/2021

It's been a very snowy week again this week!  I had great fun hopping around on some snowy logs during one of our wintry walks!  What have you been doing this week? Aryaman has been very busy in science,…

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Froggie Guitar!

Date: 05/02/2021

I'm trying to get better at playing the guitar as part of our 'Going for Goals' L4L topic.  This is not easy for me as frogs only have four fingers!  What have you been doing this week? Ben's character…

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Helping At Home!

Date: 29/01/2021

I know that lots of you have decided to make 'being helpful at home' one of your goals in our 'Going for Goals' Learning for Life topic.  As you can see, I've decided to get busy doing the same! But what…

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Snuggling Down with Friends

Date: 22/01/2021

After I've finished my learning and jobs for the day, I love to snuggle down with my friends!  Let's see what you've been up to this week... What great maths work, George - you're really good at working…

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Fun in the Snow!

Date: 15/01/2021

I'm learning at home again at the moment, just like most of you.  Although I've been busy, I did have enough time to look at your lovely learning, and to have a bit of fun in the snow!   Wha What a…

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