SEND & Accessibility

As a school, we aim to support all children to help them fulfil their potential, including pupils who may have additional needs that require extra support. Many children will need additional support during their school career; for some this will be long-term and ongoing, while for others it may mean short-term intervention.  Please click here to access an information booklet which the school has produced for parents and carers explaining in more detail its SEND processes and provision.

The school works hard to make its environment as accessible as possible to all its young learner.  Please click here to find a copy of the schools Equality, Diversity & Accessibility Statement.

Parents and carers can click here to access the school's SEND Information Report and can click here to find useful information to help support pupils with SEND during challenging periods, such as during the recent pandemic period.

We aim to ensure that our pupils receive quality first teaching where lessons are designed to meet the needs of all pupils. Ultimately, we aim to develop confidence and independence in our learners, allowing them to progress at their own speed and as appropriate to their development. All staff are responsible for regular, robust monitoring of children's progress, both academically and emotionally. Through close communication with parents and Senior Leadership, we are able to target our support in a range of ways, individually tailored to each child's needs. This can be delivered through quality first teaching, additional in-class support, small group or one-to-one intervention support, which may include activities and support provided through the school’s nurture provision, ‘Little Steps’.

The school links closely with outside agencies to provide support for our children and families. We value the links with Speech and Language Service, the Multi-Agency Support Team, Learning Support and Educational Psychology. These services provide advice and assessment when needed but also the reassurance to parents and carers that school is catering well for its vulnerable pupils. The Multi-Agency Support Team (MAST) can provide a wide range of services for our children and families and when required can provide support outside school. We strive to foster a spirit of community between staff, children and parents/carers, where we are all working together to provide the best learning experience for our children. As a school we work to foster good relationships with families, with a focus on communication and sharing. Our staff are dedicated to providing all children with quality teaching and provision in order for them to reach their full potential, regardless of ability.

Miss Nicola Leyshon is our SENCo.