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Welcome to Y2!

On this page we will record some of the exciting learning and investigating we do in Year 2, as the children continue to develop a wide breadth of skills and knowledge to take away with them when they leave us in the summer.

Our role in Y2 is to consolidate all the learning the children have been doing at Lydgate Infant School, as well as equip them for their next adventures as juniors. We strive to ensure children have a firm grasp of literacy and numeracy skills, as well as a love of learning. Through studying lots of different topics, our hope is that every child will discover what excites them and identify their own special skills and strengths.

We look forward to sharing our learning and exploring on this blog, and hope this will give you an insight into everything we get up to in Year 2.

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16 Oct 2019

Here Be Dragons!

As you can see, we've been getting creative in our learning theme of 'Dragons' this week...




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12 Sep 2019

Settling in to Year 2

Over the past two weeks the Year Two children have been settling in to their new year group and making lots of new friends. In each class we have been working on our own Class Charters which follow our School Behaviour Code to: Be safe, Be kind and Be ready. The children have talked together about how we demonstrate each of these and have made posters showing examples of the children being kind, safe and ready.

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22 May 2019

Out Tudor House-Building

We made Tudor houses as part of our 'Great Fire of London' topic this year!




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25 Feb 2019

Dynamic dodgeball!

On Wednesday 13th February, twelve children from Lydgate Infant School took part in a Change 4 Life dodgeball event at Hallam Primary School. These children had all been practising at Mr Wood's lunchtime dodgeball club and had the chance to showcase their throwing, catching and, of course, dodging skills. Our school played against teams from other schools in the local area and there was a great atmosphere of fun and friendly competition all afternoon.


The children played two types of dodgeball games: the first where player were 'frozen' if they got hit by a ball and had to be 'unfrozen' by their team 'doctor' and then second where they got extra points for hitting cones at the back of the opposing team's playing area. The two teams of Lydgate pupils threw themselves into every game and worked well with their teammates. There were some spectacular throws from several of the players that really impressed the teachers spectating. (And a few that had them dodging themselves!)



Mr Wood and Mrs Collins are really proud of all the children who took part for their enthusiasm and sense of fair play. We'd like to thank Hallam Primary School for hosting, Andy from the Archers sports partnership for running the event, all the sports leaders from Hallam and all the children who took part. Lastly, a big well done for all the children who participated from Lydgate - you were brilliant! Keep dodging!
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20 Nov 2018

Visit of Chinese artist Li Kunwu

On Wednesday 14th November Year 2 were visited by Chinese comic book artist Li Kunwu and his son Lufei.  Li Kunwu is from Yunnan province in southwest China and has published comic books telling stories about his home province, the most famous of which is his A Chinese Life.  Li Kunwu was in England to visit his son Lufei (Mr Wood's friend) and kindly gave up some of his time to visit our school.

The Year 2 classes took it in turns to ask Li Kunwu questions about his life and his artwork and got to see some of his paintings and also watch him draw.  The children asked some very thoughtful questions which Li Kunwu enjoyed answering (and which kept Mr Wood on his toes translating!)  Some examples included the following: "What inspired you to be an artist?", "What was the first thing you every drew?", "What's your favourite thing to draw?", "Do you draw famous people, like the Queen?" and "Do you ever draw chocolate bars?"  ("No, because every time I try they just seem to disappear!")

Although Li Kunwu has visited many secondary schools and universities to talk about his work, especially in France where a lot of his work is published in translation, this was his first time to visit a primary school and it was an experience he really enjoyed.  Some lucky pupils also got to see themselves in cartoon form!  The children got to hear Mr Wood speak Chinese (although luckily Lufei was able to translate the trickier parts!) and it was also an opportunity for our Chinese-speaking students to impress their classmates with their language skills.  Thanks to their hard work in Chinese Friday club with Miss Li, all of our pupils impressed Li Kunwu with their ability to greet him was a cheery ni hao (hello), show their appreciation by saying xie xie (thank you) and bid him farewell with zai jian (goodbye).

Thank you very much to Li Kunwu for giving up his time for free and providing such a memorable experience for our children and to Lufei for helping with the organisation and translation.
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