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Welcome to Y2!

On this page we will record some of the exciting learning and investigating we do in Year 2, as the children continue to develop a wide breadth of skills and knowledge to take away with them when they leave us in the summer.

Our role in Y2 is to consolidate all the learning the children have been doing at Lydgate Infant School, as well as equip them for their next adventures as juniors. We strive to ensure children have a firm grasp of literacy and numeracy skills, as well as a love of learning. Through studying lots of different topics, our hope is that every child will discover what excites them and identify their own special skills and strengths.

We look forward to sharing our learning and exploring on this blog, and hope this will give you an insight into everything we get up to in Year 2.

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17 Jul 2020

Happy Holidays!

Ooh, it feels nice to settle into these green lily pads and paddle in that cool water. Phileas and I are looking forward to relaxing in our lovely pond all summer long! I wonder what you are doing in the holidays, and what you've been up to this week?

Sophie's Pic-Collage is great - Jess the dog says 'Woof!' to Belle.  And what a wonderful letter to your new teacher!

Finn wrote a brilliant letter too!

And look at this special Pic-Collage of two special friends - Avni and Saanvi together as they started at Lydgate Infant School in F2, and left to go to the Juniors at the end of Y2 this week!

Have a lovely holiday!

Philippa xxx

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10 Jul 2020

I've been helping too!

That's right, this week it's been my turn to help with the vegetables in Mr Bromage's greenhouse. Even though the weather has been a bit cold this week, it's lovely and warm in here!


This week, it's been great to see all of your fantastic piccollage picures!




 Elise has been hard at work learning about the Titanic, and Northern Ireland!



Meanwhile, we've been writing letters to our new Y3 teachers - yours is fantastic, Gracie!



 I didn't know that you were this good at drawing, George!

And what about these vegetable sculptures - they're very funny, Elliott and Daniel!



 Thanks for sending in your learning for me to see!

Philippa xxx 

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03 Jul 2020

Helping in the Greenhouse!

That's right, Phileas and Jess have been hard at work looking after Mr Bromage's lettuces. Phileas doesn't really like eating salad much, but he does like to eat up the slugs that sometimes enjoy munching Mr Bromage's lettuces. I think that Jessie might have spotted one!


Callum followed a step-by-step guide from the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast as part of this learning about Northern Ireland to draw this amazing picture.  Harry's drawing is fantastic as well!


Harry has also been hard at work planning his 'Something Fishy' story - trouser sharks and hat turtles, indeed!


Daniel's shark origami is amazing - apparently this was a two person job!


Philippa saw some of the Y2's learning based on Barbara Hepworth's sculptures last week - Sam has actually been to the Barbara Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield!



Meanwhile, Bea has made this incredible Hepworth-inspired sculpture to remind her of Harry Potter.  If you hold it in front of your face you get a lightening bolt scar on your forehead - how cool is that!  She's going to put it on the window sill to look at the garden through.


 Don't forget to send in your learning pictures for Philippa next week!


Phileas xxx 


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26 Jun 2020

Phew, it's hot!

That's right, everyone - Jessie and I have been doing some sunbathing in the back garden this week. You might have had a sit-down in the sun as well, but I know that you've been busy with your home learning too!


Just look at Victoria's amazing aquarium model - it looks very cool!  You can click here to see some great writing from Jacob about Tiger Sharks too!

We've not had a chance to display our Barbara Hepworth inspired creations yet - here they are!  These are all of children's families - can you spot the people (and pets!) in each?






See you all next week,

Philippa xxx 

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19 Jun 2020

Froggie Friday, this time with Phileas (and Jess)!

Hello Everyone,

Like my twin sister Philippa, I'm learning at home at the moment. One of the things that I've been doing this week is exploring the world through this really big atlas with Jess. I really like looking at the pages about tropical rain forests, because I'd love to go on holiday to a rain forest one day with Philippa (although I'm not sure how much Jessie would like it - she might be too hot there in all that fur!).

Phileas xxx


Daniel has been getting creative with some fantastic origami!




Meanwhile, Zakir has been really enjoying his learning about sharks.  Just look at his writing too:


Logan's shark writing is great too - click here to take a look at his!

Plus it looks like somebody has been getting fit with Joe - well done, Fin!



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