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Welcome to F2!

On this page you will be able to find out what really happens in the Foundation 2 classroom and solve the riddle of ‘What did you do today?’ – the usual answer being ‘nothing’ or ‘just played’! 

Our role in the Foundation Stage is to provide children with the means to experience the world for themselves alongside more academic approaches.  We strive to give children the means to develop their own ideas and theories so that they can make sense of the world, and to give them opportunities to develop and test these theories with their peers. Through planned play opportunities we give the children the tools to take ‘safe risks’ to both learn and test their boundaries. We make time for children to be active and to be quiet; to explore and to learn; to be indoors and outside; to be sociable or just to be themselves, whoever they are. 

We are glad you can join us on our journey and hope you enjoy the glimpse into the exciting, funny and magical moments of a very special time in your child’s school life.

The F2 Team.

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    16 Dec 2019

    Taking an Elfie

    One of the Christmas books we have been enjoying in class is Santa Selfie, which is about Father Christmas trying to take a holiday to get some peace and quiet.  The book inspired Class 2 to take their own 'elfies', learning about technology and it's uses while having fun. 

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    23 Nov 2019

    Looking at Artists

    This week in F2 we have started our mini topic on artists.  The children will be looking at works by artists such as Van Gogh, Matisse and Kandinsky.  As well as using paintings as a focus for art work, we have also been using them as an stimulus for other areas of the learning.  In Class 2, the children have been looking at the Van Gogh painting 'The Olive Trees' in shared writing groups.  First, we looked at the painting and made a list of vocabulary that it made us think of, we then used this list as a starting point for our stories. 


    'Once upon a time there were lots of olive trees and it was dark.  The trees were wobbling because the big wind was blowing.  The fox and the owl were friends.  They were hiding in the trees from the bats and the bears.  In the wavy mountains, the owl flew onto the swirly moon which shined on the olive trees.'

    Cara, Judith, Thomas, Erin, Ethan


    'I can see dark, scary mountains.  The forest is very creepy with lots of animals.  The owls hide in the trees and make lots of sounds 'twit twoo'.  The evening is windy and cold.  The wind turns the grass swirly wirly and swishy swish.  The clouds hide the moon and the stars are hidden in the sky.'

    Naomi, Lorelei, Millie, Morris, Orell, Bayard



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    06 Oct 2019

    Learning Logs

    On Friday, we sent out our Home Learning Logs for the first time.  Inside there is a sheet of activities related to our topic for children to complete at home.  The activities are mostly open ended so that children can use their own ideas for ways of recording.  It is also a great place to add memories of a special event or day out or if the children have taken home the class bear. 

    Some top tips:

      1 activity a week is enough, don't try to do them all straight away


      Try to make it the children's work


      Each activity should only take 1 or 2 pages


      Encourage your child to take pride in their Learning Log and we will do this by sharing work in class


      Please don't let your child use it for drawing etc, unless it is for an activity


      Learning Logs along with phonics books will be collected in on Friday




    Activities will be changed each time our topic changes (usually half termly).  We look forward to seeing your children's work on Friday.


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    28 Apr 2019

    Rainforest Feast

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    11 Apr 2019

    In Search of Snakes

    The F2 classes had a fantastic (and very tiring) time visiting the Tropical Butterfly Centre, linked to our rainforest topic.  They had a chance to hunt for dinosaurs, visit a witch's house and spray the grown ups with water as well as seeing all the animals.  Some of the children were able  to see the lemurs having their lunch and ask the keeper questions about how they look after them.  We also got a chance to meet some of the other animals close up and held snakes, cockroaches and stick insects.  Some of the adults were more excited about this than others but well done to Miss Atkin who faced her fear and held the snake.

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